Palace in Śmiełów
Linden and hornbeam alley
Exhibition dedicated to A. Mickiewicz

Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Śmiełów is located in a Classicist palace of the late 18th c., a work by architect S. Zawadzki.

A visit of the Palace is hands-on experience of venues related to Adam Mickiewicz and offers a unique contact wih his memorabilia. The great Polish Romantic poet visited Śmiełów at the invitation of Hieronim Gorzeńki (the then owner of the Palace) in August 1831. The poet was trying to cross the boarder to the Polish Kingdom, at that time in the midst of an insurgence. The stay in Wielkopolska was an important moment of Mickiewicz's biography as a poet.

The ground floor of the Palace features and exhibits dedicated to Mickiewicz. Here we can see manuscripts, personal artefacts, and first editions of his works.

The exhibit on first floor, composed of Biedermeier furniture and paintings made from the 17th til 19th c., recreates an air of a mansion of landed gentry.

The palace windows overlook the hills of Szwajcaria Żerkowska. The adjacent park is full of truly romantic nooks, such as Zosia’s herbal garden depicetd in Pan Tadeusz A. Mickiewcz epic). The „Mickiewicz oak” is commemorated here with a „tree monument” – a  bench with the poet’s maxim spoken in this place.

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