We present film materials that introduces visitors to the The Cracks of Freedom - Polish art between 1945-1948/1949 exhibition.

Wacław Taranczewski, Artur Nacht-Samborski and Jan Cybis are amongst the main actors of The time of the still-life which is the first part of the exhibition. Their still-lifes from interwar period are not only a reflection on the colourist painting. For Cybis they were a manifesto about the freedom of creation.

The War/war part of the Cracks of Freedom – Polish Art between 1945 and 1948/1949 exhibition focuses on how so crucially important subjects like War and Holocaust influenced the artistic creation of that time. 

The third and last part of the Cracks of Freedom... exhibition shows works of modern artists, from Władysław Strzemiński to Tadeusz Kantor. 

The exhibition's timeline breaks off at the verge of the year 1949, when the government announced changes in the cultural policy of the country.

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