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Museum main building, Gallery of Painting and Sculpture, view from Ludgardy Street
Hall in Gallery of Painting and Sculpture historic wing, view from 1909
Museum main building, the 60's.


Art, Memory, Place

this triad fittingly sums up the mission of the National Museum


since this is the name of both the ability to bring senses out of processed matter and of the most amazing human work, whose creation in different places and periods of time makes the Museum a treasury of sensations which unlock unknown worlds, foster and sustain sensitivity and stimulate creativity


since this selection involves also a look backwards, the preservation of everything which, once crated, is worth remembering and worth lasting; it involves the extension of sensations by knowledge and objects by contexts, via research, exhibitions and publications; it involves the participation in upbringing and education through access to records of history, symbols of national identity, and participation in the universal heritage


since the Museum has its location, a number of locations, either built specifically for this purpose or former family residences; their presence contributes to the sense of space; they open up towards their environment and towards other places, direct ways towards themselves and open their interiors, doing everything to make each visit educate and revive their history, the memory of the authors, inhabitants, patrons, and benefactors